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Bizzy B2

Bizzy B2 is a high quality, established, nature inspired, hands-on learning program with both indoor and outdoor activity areas. Classrooms support developmentally appropriate play-based activities not only via the Beyond Centers and Circle Time curriculum, but also following the children’s own interests. We believe children learn best through hands-on exploration. We spend our days learning in a variety of ways – tinkering, planning, creating, building, digging, planting, singing, laughing, dancing, swinging, cycling, running, talking, reading, listening, drawing, painting, writing, meditating, observing, and discovering. We believe social and emotional learning is a priority therefore you will find SEL skills and activities embedded throughout the day. Our daily activities fully encompass the Florida Standards. We are proud to say Bizzy B2 builds long lasting relationships with children and their families. Please call or email for any further information.


Selby Preschool

The Selby Preschool provides children, ages 1 through five, with a high-quality, early childhood education. Our educational classrooms are inclusive, meaning that typically developing children and children with special needs are taught together in the same setting. Selby’s focus of connecting children of different backgrounds and abilities encourages empathy, as well as social and emotional skills that will benefit children throughout their entire lives. It is the goal of Selby Preschool that each child develops to his or her highest potential as they go on to their next level of educational experiences.