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Look for the Stars — A Hallmark of Quality

The Look for the Stars Quality Improvement System is a tool for parents with children ages 0 to 5 to identify early child care and education programs that offer quality programming and to help guide the decision making process. Based on a 5 star system, Look for the Stars is designed with the ultimate goal of promoting excellent early child care and education for our community’s children.

What does it mean if your child care center is a Look for the Stars participant?

  • Look for the Stars is a voluntary quality improvement system. By choosing to participate your child care provider has demonstrated a commitment to offering the highest quality early care and education to the children enrolled in its program.
  • Research indicates that children who experience high-quality early care and education do better in school and achieve more success later in life.

What are the benefits to your child attending a Look for the Stars program?

A center participating in the Look for the Stars program:

  • Understands that learning begins at birth.
  • Offers a safe and nurturing environment that encourages children to have fun, hands-on learning experiences.
  • Supports and promotes policies designed for quality improvement.
  • Demonstrates a commitment to continued teacher training and professional development.
  • Engages in ongoing assessment and improvement efforts

How were the Star levels determined?

  • The Look for the Stars level is determined by an assessment of the child care environment and an evaluation of other program components.
  • The Look for the Stars assessments were conducted by independent assessors. They are trained to use the assessment tool in a reliable and consistent way to measure the quality of child care programs.
  • The overall Star level is based on the learning environment assessment and classroom interactions along with the following areas: curriculum and child assessment, and staff qualifications and professional development.
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